Monday, June 16, 2014

The Five Senses of Balaka_Part One

Jodi-Ann Burey
Balaka, Malawi
Week 3

What is it like living in Balaka, Malawi? Here’s a breakdown of what I experience everyday.

I See...
Women walking along the road in chitenges carrying food, water or supplies on their heads.

People transporting the daily kill- normally chicken or fish.

I Hear...
The ringing of bicycle bells or the riders hissing to motion you to get out of the way.

On Sundays, loud music plays from Pentecostal churches. 

I Smell...

The smell of fire and smoke. Just one of the few strategies Malawians use to keep themselves warm during this "winter" season. (So far, the lowest temperatures have been in the low 50s.)

I Touch...
The loose sand on the dirt paths gathering in the spaces between my feet and sandals. 
Walking home from work in my chitenge!

These shoes were brand new when I brought them here!

I Taste...
Rice, beans and veggies. I eat the same thing everyday. Sometimes, I treat myself to some local healthy snacks like freshly cooked peanuts and fresh sugarcane!

My usual! Rice, beans and daily veggies.

The portions are so big! I bought this small tupperware for 50 cents to carry half of my lunch home for dinner. That's two meals for a total price of $2.50 USD!

Clearly had no idea the peanuts at the market were raw (spoiled Americans). The women in the kitchen were kind enough to allow me to cook them on the stove.
This is me peeling sugarcane the way they do it in Jamaica. The locals do it this way as well. 

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